Boden Denizcilik A.S., (Company), recognizes the potential hazards involved in the distribution, containment and transportation of ‘Dangerous Cargoes,’ and is wholly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and  Contractors through the guidelines and procedures within the Company’s established SMS.

Company Commitment:

Improve and maintain the Company’s established SMS policies and procedures, principles and objectives aboard the Company’s respective Fleet vessels; securing a safe and healthy work environment for all Company employees and Contractors; fulfilling the Company’s goal of zero loss of life, zero injuries and zero occupational diseases related to working conditions.

Compliance with, and adherence to, all National and International statutory requirements, in conjunction with all Mandated Territorial Laws of respective flags of Administration among the Company's Fleet concerning Occupational Health and Safety.

Providing feedback, for the purpose of preventive action through appropriate safeguards; starting with the identification, assessing and reporting of all risks and hazards.

Commitment to, and prevention of, injury or ill health; by providing continued improvement in; ‘Occupational Health and Safety Performance.’

Promote active participation to obtain the feedback, in shipboard Health and Safety Committee Meetings, Circulars, Posters etc., regarding all Health and Safety issues and concerns.

All Company employees and Contractors shall be committed to cooperating fully and at all times, with the terms of this Policy as laid forth in the Company’s established SMS, and so ensure the Health and Safety of themselves, their colleagues, their vessel and the environment.  Further, the Company recognizes that effective communication, operational and vessel familiarization, instruction and comprehensive training are all integral parts of the Company’s Health and Safety, Practice and Policy.

We, Boden Denizcilik A.Ş., do not recruit seafarers for the vessels managed. We are solely Technial Manager. For job applications you will be redirected to the relevant page, reccomended by the owner .Please press the Apply button.

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